Measurement of Gross Living Area
At one time or another most homeowners need to know the heated and cooled square footage of their home.  Often times a real estate agent will need this information to help in pricing the home for the market.  Whether you are a homeowner getting ready to sell, a REALTOR with a new listing, or just want to know how much square footage you have, a licensed and certified appraiser can provide you with this valuable information.  Knowing how to calculate the square footage of your home is an important part of an appraiser's skill.  Great care must be taken to insure the measurements are accurate and the areas included in the calculations are properly applied.  This is especially true in the floorplan of complex homes with several angles and offsets, vaulted ceilings, multiple levels and/or expandable areas.  Using the field sketch taken by the appraiser, we use Apex Desktop Sketching technology that integrates seamlessly with our appraisal software to calculate the heated and cooled living area of your home.  We provide a sketch, along with a calculation addendum and photos taken of the home during the measurement inspection.  Consultation regarding typical repair requirements for mortgage loan underwriting is available at the time of inspection at no additional cost.  If Ralph Real Estate Appraisal, Inc. is subsequently retained to complete a full appraisal of the property within 90 days, the cost of the measurement will be credited toward the fee for the full appraisal.  After 90 days, a full appraisal fee will be required.